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Electric Scooters
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Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah)

Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah)The Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah) electric scooter is the newe..

650.00€ Ex Tax: 524.19€

Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro (48V-13Ah)

Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro (48V-13Ah)‘’an electric scooter small in size but packed with feature..

740.00€ Ex Tax: 596.77€

Futecher Gun (48V, 15.6Ah) NEW Coming Soon

Futecher Gun (48V, 15.6Ah)

Futecher GunAfter Dualtron and Speedway Minimotors introduces us a new brand, the Futecher. All-new ..

890.00€ Ex Tax: 717.74€

Speedway LEGER Coming Soon

Speedway LEGER

The Speedway LEGER is the NEW and improved escooter from Minimotors, evolved, more reliable and safe..

930.00€ Ex Tax: 750.00€

Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro (48v-16Ah)

Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro (48V-16Ah)‘’an electric scooter small in size but packed with feature..

990.00€ Ex Tax: 798.39€

Futecher Gun Pro ELECTRIC SCOOTER NEW Coming Soon

Futecher Gun Pro (52V, 20.8Ah)

Futecher Gun ProWe introduce the upgraded version of the new Futecher Gun, the Futecher Gun Pro. Thi..

1,090.00€ Ex Tax: 879.03€

Speedway LEGER PRO (52V-18.2Ah) - Dual Brake

The NEW Speedway LEGER PRO comes with an advanced SINC battery of 52V capacity and drum brakes on bo..

1,150.00€ Ex Tax: 927.42€

Speedway 4 (52V-18.2Ah)

Speedway 4 (52V-18.2Ah) is a budget solution that comes with all the essential features of Speedway ..

1,190.00€ Ex Tax: 959.68€

Dualtron Mini (52V-17.5Ah) Coming Soon

Dualtron Mini (52V-17.5Ah)

Dualtron Mini 52V 17.5Ah LG3500 Li-Ion BatteryPowerful: the 735W nominal (1450W MAX) power scooters’..

1,290.00€ Ex Tax: 1,040.32€

Dualtron EAGLE

Electric scooter Dualtron Eagle from MinimotorsMinimotors made a more affordable version of the best..

1,950.00€ Ex Tax: 1,572.58€

Dualtron VICTOR Available for Pre order

Dualtron VICTOR

Dualtron VICTOR of MinimotorsAfter the Dualtron ULTRA II and STORM, 2021 marks the arrival of a tota..

1,990.00€ Ex Tax: 1,604.84€

Speedway 5 Dual Motor

The Speedway 5 is a fast and efficient Dual Motor electric scooter ideal for long comfortable journe..

1,990.00€ Ex Tax: 1,604.84€

Dualtron EAGLE Pro

 Dualtron EAGLE Pro 3300W by Minimotors is the new powerful escooterDual HU..

2,290.00€ Ex Tax: 1,846.77€

Dualtron SPIDER Limited (24,5Ah)

Dualtron Spider Limited 3000W by Minimotors is the strongest most powerfull eSco..

2,690.00€ Ex Tax: 2,169.35€

Dualtron 3 Dualtron Pre Order

Dualtron 3

Dualtron 3 from Minimotors As always, Minimotors has no shortage of innovations in high performan..

2,990.00€ Ex Tax: 2,411.29€

Dualtron THUNDER

Dualtron Thunder from MinimotorsThe Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is the third generation of its..

3,690.00€ Ex Tax: 2,975.81€

Electric Scooters