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-25% Sold out INMOTION V11PRE OWNED (50klm of use)


Anti-spinning Design

  • Exclusive patented design to ensure your safety when lifting up the wheel. One simple press to cut off the power

Extra Large Anti-slippery Pedals / Built-in Stand for your Electric Unicycle

  • Pullover your wheel anywhere you want /Equipped with a sandpaper pedal, it gives you a more steady riding experience and helps you handle different road conditions.


Upgraded Craft

  • Compare with the last generation, it's a lot stronger. The trolley handle is tied to the main body with an aluminum alloy stick and rubble hand-held blanket.

Dash Charge in 4 hrs with Dual Charging Ports

  • Charge your electronic device anywhere with a 5V/2.1A USB port.

Born in the Wild

  • To get the ultimate off-road riding experience, an 18inch x 3-inch wide tire comes with it. More steady on bumpy terrains.

Leading Cooling System

  • Three ways fo heat sinking solution consists of an innovative and efficient cooling system. Fearless on climbing those hills that you were afraid of before.

Shining Bright Like a Car / Automobile Level Taillight

  • A brighter light to cover you from the back. / A day running light is working all the time that helps passing low light road conditions at daylight. The bright central headlight can lighten the road ahead with ease. An adjustable headlight range can be set on Imnotion App.


Innovative and Revolutionary BMS

  • There are two separate and collaborative LG batteries that can work independently, which means one battery fails during riding, the other battery can still offer the power to ride. Ans it's easy to access the App to find-out

Bump Absorber 

  • The built-in adjustable (85mm) air-spring suspension can give you the most comfortable riding experience you can get from an electric unicycle.


  • Range: 120km max
  • Motor Power:  2200W 
  • Battery: 84V, 1500WH
  • Charging Time: 8 hours and 4 hours with dual-chargers
  • Max Speed: 50 km/h (top speed under ideal conditions)
  • Climbing Angle: 35 degrees
  • Tire: 18in x 3 in
  • Weight: ~27kg
  • Payload: 120kg
  • Active Cooling System for high-performance internal components
  • Lights: bright central headlight can lighten the road ahead with ease. An adjustable headlight range can be set on Imnotion App. Automobile Level Taillight
  • Advanced in-app statistics give you access to data to track your performance and usage habits
  • Engineered from the ground up for optimal weight distribution and uncompromising form factor
  • Bluetooth 5.0 BLE

Product Specifications
Motor 2200W
Battery type 1500Wh, LG
Voltage 84V
Max mileage (km) ~120 (max 75kg / 25km/h)
Max Speed (km/h) 50
Max load (kg) 120
Gradability ≈ 35%
Charging time (1.7A-2A) 8h
Pedals Sandpaper, 90mm-160mm
Tires 18''x3"
Water Resistant Water Resisant
Product weight (kg) 27
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH 675x500x200
Light Bright central headlight. Automobile Level Taillight

INMOTION V11PRE OWNED (50klm of use)

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